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Woodland Board Updates

· The University of Akron Children’s Concert Society presented an Opera Theater program to all students on February 6th.

·  Valentine parties were held on Friday, February 9th. PTA volunteers helped with refreshments and games, and students seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.

·  COSI On Wheels visited Woodland on February 13th, presenting their “Energy” assembly. Classes rotated to various stations and worked with circuits, friction tracks and other energy-related displays.

·  Woodland Student Council held their annual Candygrams sale in order to raise money for Grade 4 recognition activities at the end of the year.

·   We are looking forward to the following events in the next month:

o   PTA Talent Show on February 23

o   PTA Family Dance on March 2

o   Scholastic Book Fair/Right to Read Week March 12-16