330.689.5310 240 North River Rd., Munroe Falls, Ohio 44262

Riverview Elementary School

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240 North River Rd.

Munroe Falls, Ohio 44262

Phone: 330.689.5310

Fax: 330.689.5317

Principal: Mrs. Traci Kosmach

Secretary: Mrs. Crystal Zivny

Our school day begins at 9:00 and ends at 3:30. The doors open at 8:45.


RIVERFRONT YMCA provides before and after school care at Riverview. For information or to register your child, please call 330-923-9622.


Mission Statement

TOGETHER our mission is to create a safe and engaging learning environment that allows us to encourage and to INSPIRE each child at Riverview Elementary School to become a LEARNER who is a safe, responsible and respectful citizen of our world.

School Supply Lists

Riverview Supplies List 2016-2017

Parent Information Re: Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why


What to teach children about strangers - Nat'l. Crime Prevention Council


Important Dates

  • April 28             Variety/Talent Show, Riverview 6:00pm
  • May 2               PTA Meeting, 7:00pm
  • May 4               1st Grade Field Trip, Lake Metropark Farmpark
  • May 8-12          Agriculture Lab
  • May 10              4th Grade Parent Visitation to Lakeview, 6:30pm
  • May 11              Kindergarten Field Trip, Akron Zoo
  • May 11              4th Grade Field Trip, Hale Farm
  • May 11              PTA-Marcos Fundraiser
  • May 12              2nd Grade Field Trip, Cleveland Museum of History
  • May 15              Kindergarten Graduation, Kimpton Middle School 6:00pm                 
  • May 17              4th Grade Student Transition Visit to Lakeview, 9:30am   
  • May 17              PTA Art Show, 6:00pm
  • May 22              School Award Assembly, 9:30am
  • May 24              4th Grade Party, 12:45-3:30pm @ Riverview
  • May 25              Field Day (Activities including water games)
  • May 25              LAST DAY OF SCHOOL



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