330.689.5250 1819 Graham Rd., Stow, OH 44224

Lakeview Intermediate School

General Information

1819 Graham Road Stow,
OH 44224

Phone: 330.689.5250

Fax: 330.689.5265

Principal: Andrew Yanchunas

Asst. Principal: Angie Farneth

Daily Schedule

Student Day:
8:10 am - 3:05 pm

Office Hours:
7:30 am - 3:45 pm

Building Hours:
7:30 am - 3:45 pm

Current News

Please see the NEWSLETTERS tab.  The atest newsletter will be dated November 30 and has news from November and information for things coming in December and January.

Follow Lakeview on Twitter @LakeviewLoop for reminders and updates.


Monday December 3 is a B day.

Tuesday December 4 is a C day.

Wednesday December 5 is an A day.

Thursday December 6 is a B day.

Friday December 7 is a C day.

Monday December 10 is an A day.

Tuesday December 11 is a B day.

Wednesday December 12 is a C day.

Thursday December 13 is an A day.

Friday December 14 is a B day.

Monday December 17 is a C day.

Tuesday December 18 is an A day.

Wednesday December 19-January 2- NO SCHOOL for students


Specials take place on a three day rotation.  If we miss school due to inclement weather the schedule is pushed forward.  For example, if we miss school on a Tuesday that was to be an A day, then Wedesday becomes an A day and the schedule follows in that new order from that day forward.



Lunch/recess schedule

*If students need additional time to finish eating ; they may stay in the cafeteria to finish eating before heading to recess




Mission Statement

VISION: Providing Inspiration to Make a Difference in the World

MISSION: Our Mission is to Provide a 21st Century Education Empowering Each Learner to Be a Self-Motivated Successful Citizen in a Global Society.



As a school; we continue to focus on our expectations that will help lead to academic and behavioral success. PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) has come to Lakeview! What is PBIS? A school-wide approach to discipline and a process for creating safer and more effective schools. Through PBIS we have developed school-wide expectations and are continually in the process of teaching and reteaching these expectations to the student body. Students are continually reminded about expectations for several settings: the classroom, library, computer lab, restroom, cafeteria, playground and bus. Lakeview's expectations can be summed up with the simple PAWS acronym: Put Safety 1st, Act Responsibly, Work Hard and Show Respect. Students are being recognized for being "pawsitive" examples of these expectations. Teacher referrals are read during morning announcements and posted in a hallway display. Students also receive a "paw" inspired gift from the office. Should the need arise for students to be redirected; parents may receive a SWAP (same expectations; different acronym) form. Should this occur; we ask for parent support in reminding students that they should "swap" inappropriate behaviors for productive ones.


School Supply Lists

5th Grade Supply Lists


Team 511/512

Team 521/522

Team 531/532

Team 541

Team 551/552

Team 561/562

Team 571/572

Team 581/582

Team 500/600




6th Grade Supply Lists

Team 611/612


Team 621/622

Team 631/632

Team 641/642

Team 651/652

Team 661/662

Team 671/672

Team 681/682

Team 500/600