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Assistant Principal's Welcome

Dear Community Members,

The second quarter of the school year flew by! The students at Kimpton Middle School had a very successful quarter inside and outside of the classroom.  I really enjoyed seeing our students and teachers take part in many activities in order to support members of the community. Students donated food and many other items to benefit the Good Neighbors social service organization. They also contributed money to help fight Cancer through the No Shave November contest while staff members grew out their beards to support this very worthwhile cause. I also had the opportunity to attend a field trip to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank where students were able to sort and pack over eight hundred pounds of batteries.

I have also seen our students excel in academics. I love popping into classrooms and seeing our students solving math problems on the board or explaining their thoughts through a journal entry. Our students are using technology that I would have never imagined having access to. I’m very proud of the great things that our students are doing at Kimpton Middle School.

As the assistant principal of Kimpton Middle School, I take pride in our district’s mission to, “empower each learner to be a self-motivated, successful citizen in a global society”. I believe that our mission is to help all students learn the skills that will allow them to grow both inside and outside of the classroom

I remember what it was like being a middle school student and having the uncomfortable feelings and emotions that went along with that. I know that it can be difficult to be a teenager, and I know that school can be a scary, daunting, or challenging place for many. Each day, the administrative team, teachers and support staff at Kimpton Middle School work to create a positive school culture for each student. As a staff, we want students to feel comfortable and to be happy that they are a part of Kimpton. We place a special emphasis on positive peer relationships and praise students for their many positive actions. We celebrate our students by selecting Students of the Month and teachers frequently complete positive student referral forms. These are mailed home to share with families the great things that students are doing. I actively travel the school hallways to talk with students in order to invest in their lives. I believe that it is important for students to feel that they can always talk with me no matter the situation.

I also remember what it was like to feel challenged in school. When I was a middle and high school student, I struggled in math. I believed that no matter how hard I tried, I could not learn math so I hid in the back of the classroom hoping that my teachers would not call on me. In high school, I had a teacher that made me feel comfortable and invited me into her classroom for extra help. I took her up on the offer and I started receiving extra tutoring in math. This teacher unlocked the ability inside of me to learn and practice mathematics and I began to love math! My teacher taught me a lot more than math facts. She inspired me to believe that I could learn and that all teachers were willing to help, support, and encourage me. As a result of this teacher, I became a math teacher and eventually an administrator who has the goal of helping all students to learn the same life lessons.

I’m proud to be a part of the staff at Kimpton Middle School where teachers pursue students who don’t feel like they can succeed. The teachers at Kimpton Middle School work to motivate, engage, and encourage students to be the best learners and people they can be. Our teachers create lessons and activities that push our students to new levels of learning.

At Kimpton Middle School, students have opportunities to receive help, to become immersed in technology, learn Spanish and grow inside and outside of the classroom. I am excited to be a part of that journey. I look forward to sharing more with you about the positive climate at Kimpton Middle School. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments at (330) 689-5288 or through e-mail at st_love@smfcsd.org.

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Mike Love

Assistant Principal