330.689.5288 380 N. River Road Munroe Falls, OH 44262

Kimpton Middle School

General Information

Grades 7-8

380 N. River Road

Munroe Falls, OH 44262

Phone: 330.689.5288

Fax: 330.689.5291

Principal: Susan Palchesko (email: st_spalchesko@smfcsd.org / twitter: @Kimpton_SMF)

Assistant Principal: Mike Love (email: st_love@smfcsd.org / twitter: @SMF_MrLove)

Admin. Assistant: Mrs. Sandy Weaver

Admin. Assistant: Mrs. Margaret Piland

School Counselor 8th: Mr. Christian Griffin (email: st_cgriffin@smfcsd.org)

School Couneslor 7th: Mrs. Bobbi Angely (email: st_bangely@smfcsd.org)

Admin. Assistant: Mrs. Silvia Dueker


School Day Hours: 7:45 am – 2:40 pm

Office Hours: 7:15 am – 3:45 pm

School Supply Lists


Below is a general supply list for Kimpton students. In preparation for the 2017-2018 school year, A letter will be sent in early August providing you information about our 8th grade Jump Start (8/14) and our 7th grade Jump Start (8/15). This is a great opportunity for students to get their schedules, pay their school fees, purchase team t-shirts, and walk around the school. This day helps the students get acclimated to the school and to their schedules.




The following supplies have been requested by all of the academic teams and are required supplies:

  • Minimum 1 – 12 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Minimum 1 box of facial tissue
  • Minimum 1 roll of paper towels
  • Sufficient supply of #2 pencils w/erasers (or #2 mechanical pencils)
  • Loose leaf paper
  • 1 box colored pencils
  • Approved calculators:
  • red pens
  • ruler
  • mini-pencil sharpener
  • pocket folders
  • ¼” graphing paper
  • Highlighter
  • Glue stick

7th grade: TI-30XIIS

8th grade: TI-30XIS

Integrated Math 1 – T-83 or TI-84

The following supplies may also be required:

*Additional supplies will be team-specific and will be available at schedule pick-up/orientation on 8/14 and 8/15.

Supply Lists

Accelerated English 7 & 8 Supply List

General Supply List

Gravier Supply List

Laser Supply List

Team 8-1 Supply List

Team 8-2 Supply List

Team 8-3 Supply List

Team 7-1 Supply List

Team 7-2 Supply List

Team 7-3 Supply List


Please remember, ALL grade 7 students must provide documentation verifying they have received their required vaccinations.

TDAP Information

NEW Vaccine Requirement


School Health Services

May 23, 2017

Dear Parents of incoming 7th graders:

Vaccine requirement for 7th graders

The state of Ohio requires all students entering the 7th grade to have the meningococcal vaccine (also known as MCV4, Menevo or Menactra) AND one dose of Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis).

Summer is a great time to schedule a well child check-up with a health care provider!  You may obtain these vaccines during your child’s health care provider exam or other community resource.   Vaccines are also available at your local health department.  

Students who do not provide documentation of these immunizations to the school this fall are subject to exclusion.  If there are medical/religious or philosophical reasons your child cannot receive immunizations, please contact the school clinic for an Immunization Exemption Form.

Thank you,

Janet Dix, MSN, RN

District RN Supervisor for Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools

Akron Children’s Hospital, School Health Services

Click Here for a Summary of Immunizations for School Attendance 2017-2018