Extended Closure and COVID-19

During the extended closure staff is available to assist at (330) 689-5445.

NOTICE: The last Breakfast and Lunch pickups will be Monday, JUNE 1, 8 AM - 10 AM,  at Kimpton, Echo Hills, High School, Lakeview and evening pickup at Lakeview 4 PM to 6 PM.
Stay safe, stay healthy, Bulldogs!
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330.689.5450 4405 Stow Rd., Stow, OH 44224

Echo Hills Elementary School


Grades K-4

4405 Stow Road

Stow, OH 44224

Phone: 330-689-5450

Fax: 330-689-5455 (August 14, 2019) We do not currently have fax capabilities.  If possible, please use secretary email below to scan and send documents.

Principal: Mr. David Ulbricht (st_dulbricht@smfcsd.org)

Secretary: Mrs. Kathy Ritchie (st_kritchie@smfcsd.org)





School day schedule



Students may enter for hot breakfast


Students may enter building, general bus runs here and unloading


Student day begins


Student day ends.  Walkers and car riders dismissed.  Daycares dismissed as they arrive. General buses dismissed as they arrive.

Not later than 3:50pm

All general bus runs here and loading



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Mission Statement

Echo Hills is a learning place

where we recognize the uniqueness of each student.

Echo Hills staff has worked cohesively to develop a framework to identify our belief systems. Our mission, vision, and purpose statement reflects this collaborative effort.

MISSION: Our purpose is to focus on the child, and as adults, create a positive learning atmosphere in which we model dignity and respect for others.

VISION: We believe that every day, every child will be actively engaged in a nurturing and successful environment and that every adult will be passionately dedicated and inspired to motivate the development of children (as individuals) who will be leaders.


1) Every child is provided with an opportunity to learn at his or her own level.
2) Every child should feel safe in the school environment.
3) A strong partnership between parents, children and school personnel should be developed to ensure equal responsibility.

Unique Information about Echo Hills

  • Echo Hills is the second largest of the 6 elementary buildings with approximately 360 students in the 2019-2020 school  year.
  • We house five classrooms for students with multiple disabilities. These are sometimes referred to as "Life Skills" classrooms. Students from all 6 elementary buildings needing a very high level of developmental support are transported to our building for specialized instruction according to their IEP.

School Supply List

Echo Hills school supply lists for 2019-2020 school year. (All teachers and classes on one page available HERE)