330.689.5445 4350 Allen Road, Stow, Ohio 44224

Fishcreek Directory

First Name Last Name Teaching Area Phone Extension Email
Rachel Barber Kindergarten 330-689-5460 Email
Renee Baumann Second 330-689-5460 Email
Joanne Bratten Principal 330-689-5460 Email
Stacy Brookover Fishcreek Elementary School 330-689-5460 Email
Pat Close Phys Ed 330-689-5460 8302 Email
Selena Cottrell Second 330-689-5460 Email
Carla Cugini Phys Ed 330-689-5310 0 Email
Debbie Cunningham Custodian 330-689-5460 0 Email
Hillary Flohr First 330-689-5460 Email
Kristen Fudale Academic Specialist 330-689-5200 6631 Email
Christine Gillespie Fourth 330-689-5460 Email
Tiffany Harris First 330-689-5460 Email
Megan Hayward Kindergarten 330-689-5460 Email
Ashley Heverly Art 330-689-5460 Email
Heidi Huminsky Third 330-689-5460 Email
Barbara Jeffries Fishcreek Elementary School 330-689-5460 0 Email
Ashley Kinnan Tutor 330-689-5460/330-689-5470 Email
Debra Kollman Educational Assistant 330-689-5463 5463 Email
Kristen Loeffler Kindergarten 330-689-5460 Email
Kelly Mack Fourth 330-689-5460 Email
Sonia Malhotra ESL Tutor 330-689-5250 Email
April Miller Psychologist 330-689-5460 Email
Angela Mullett Custodian 330-689-5460 Email
Joyce Paradise Secretary 330-689-5460 Email
Randy Piasecki Bus Driver/Cook 330-689-5234 5234 Email
Sharon Pifer Library Assistant 330-689-5450 Email
Kathy Rainier Title I 330-689-5460 0 Email
Theresa Ralston Intervention Specialist 330-689-5460 Email
Linda Reiss Title I 330-689-5460 0 Email
Leah Renner District Email
Brian Rood Fourth 330-689-5460 Email
Courtney Rutan Physical Education 330-689-5460 Email
Jennifer Scarbrough Speech 330-689-5460 Email
Kristin Schmitt Cafeteria Manager 330-689-5465 5465 Email
Daniel Schneck Fishcreek Elementary School/Echo Hills Elementary School 330-689-5460/330-689-5450 Email
Diane Shaheen Administrative Assistant to the Director of Teaching & Learning 330-689-5429 Email
Jill Sheaffer Educational Assistant 330-689-5460 Email
Allison Sly Fishcreek Elementary School Email
Karen Steigmeier Fishcreek Elementary School Email
Jessica Swanger Fishcreek Elementary School Email