330.689.5445 4350 Allen Road, Stow, Ohio 44224

Full Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Email
Robert McBee 330-689-5250 Email
Sally Stone-Phillips 330-689-5234 Email
Jacqueline Zaucha 3rd Grade 330-689-5460 Email
Jennifer Maddox Academic Specialist 330-689-5470 Email
Nancy Marquette Academic Specialist 330-689-5330 Email
Kristen Fudale Academic Specialist 330-689-5200 Email
Bev Hawley Accounts Payable 330-689-5445 Email
Debora Husted Activities Coordinator 330-689-5211 Email
Karen Brown Administrative Assistant - Payroll 330-689-5445 Email
Betty Bradshaw Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations 330-689-5413 Email
Diane Shaheen Administrative Assistant to the Director of Teaching & Learning 330-689-5429 Email
Tammy Sedor Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer 330-689-5445 Email
Cindy Burgan Aide Email
Marge Smith American History 330-689-5200 Email
Todd Abell Art 330-689-5212 Email
Mike Jimenez Art 330-689-5288 Email
Gretchen Kaine Art 330-689-5212 Email
Ami Kamerer Art 330-689-5300 Email
Michelle Surrena Art 330-689-5212 Email
Emily Conant Art 330-689-5470 Email
Kristina Schmitt Art 330-689-5310 Email
Lisa O'Donnell Art 330-689-5300 Email
Robert Putka Art 330-689-5300 Email
Ashley Heverly Art 330-689-5460 Email
Andrea Schepis Art 330-689-5250 Email
Mark Treen Assistant Principal 330-689-5206 Email
Michael Love Assistant Principal 330-689-5288 Email
Amanda Murray Assistant Principal 330-689-5207 Email
Evelyn Haught Assistant Principal 330-689-5209 Email
Mark Manley Assistant Superintendent 3306895415 Email
Franca Padula Assistant to the Superintendent 330-689-5445 Email
Joanne Ostlund Assistant Treasurer 330-689-5445 Email
Angie Farneth Asst. Principal 330-689-5250 Email
Cyle Feldman Athletic Director 330-689-5203 Email
Nicholas Thomas Athletic Trainer Email
Kim Britton Attendance Secretary 330-689-5300 Email
Cynthia Clark Attendance Secretary 330-689-5300 Email
Margaret Piland Attendance Secretary 330-689-5288 Email
Greg Newman Band 330-689-5288 Email
Sandra Sandman Band 330-689-5220 Email