330.689.5445 4350 Allen Road, Stow, Ohio 44224

Full Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Teaching Area Phone Extension Email
Allison Anderson Intervention Specialist 330-689-5250 Email
Marlene Beckley Fifth 330-689-5250 Email
Heather Cochran Spanish 330-689-5288 Email
Eric Daniels Title I Tutor 330-689-5288 Email
Hillary Flohr First 330-689-5460 Email
Silvia Gehring Intervention Specialist 330-689-5450 Email
Bev Hawley Accounts Payable 330-689-5445 Email
Rhonda Holland Secretary 330-689-5320 Email
Tina Keithley Phys Ed 330-689-5288 Email
Nicole Koyan Fourth 330-689-5320 Email
Dara Law Cafeteria Manager 330-689-5470 Email
Tonya Luzio Kindergarten 330-689-5320 Email
Maria Pocek Language Arts 330-689-5288 Email
Jason Sabatini Language Arts 330-689-5288 Email
MaryKay Zgrabik-Misterka Special Services Supervisor 330-689-5445 Email
Alyssa Barchalk Second Grade 330-689-5330 Email
Bobbi Angely Guidance Counselor 330-689-5288 Email
Eleanor Bosko Social Studies 330-689-5288 Email
Sarah Calaway Fifth 330-689-5250 Email
Emily Conant Art 330-689-5470 Email
Kelli Davis First 330-689-5450 Email
Stephanie Elton First 330-689-5450 Email
Jason Holmes Sixth 330-689-5250 Email
Alyssa Patterson Second 330-689-5310 Email
Kelly Mack Fourth 330-689-5460 Email
April Miller Psychologist 330-689-5460 Email
Mary Lou Muckleroy Principal 330-689-5470 Email
Melissa Pockl Grade 1 330-689-5470 Email
Jason Reed Social Studies 330-689-5288 Email
David Sachs Noontime Assistant 330-689-5250 Email
Colleen Skover Central Office Assistant/AESOP 330-689-5445 Email
Brandi Timberlake Third 330-689-5330 Email
Jessica Miller Title I 330-689-5250 Email
Cynthia Clark EMIS/Food Service Secretary 330-689-5300 Email
Martha Hudak Crossing Guard 330-689-5330 Email
Christine Thomas Title I 330-689-5330 Email
Happy Bengston Title I Coordinator 330-689-5445 Email
Betty Bradshaw Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations 330-689-5413 Email
Nicole Cameron Kitchen Manager 330-689-5300 Email
Maria Conkle Fourth 330-689-5310 Email