330.689.5445 4350 Allen Road, Stow, Ohio 44224

Full Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Teaching Area Phone Extension Email
Amy Conrad Human Resources Administrative Assistant 330-689-5445 Email
Bev Hawley Accounts Payable 330-689-5445 Email
Danielle Marshall Grade 2 330-689-5470 Email
Kristy Stoicoiu Treasurer 330-689-5445 Email
Karen Brown Payroll Specialist 330-689-5445 Email
Lenore Cook Kindergarten 330-689-5470 Email
Rhonda Holland Secretary 330-689-5320 Email
Colleen Skover Central Office Assistant/AESOP 330-689-5445 Email
Cody Lyons Director of Technology 330-689-5445 Email
Karen Forsyth Cook II 330-689-5470 Email
Julie Obraza Director of Teaching and Learning 330-689-5445 Email
Lauren Reynolds Grade 2 330-689-5470 Email
Laura Forchione Technology Integration Director 330-689-5445 Email
Lucy Casto Central Office Assistant 330-689-5445 Email
Emily Engle Music 330-689-5470 Email
Anna Hale Library Assistant 330-689-5470 Email
Diane Shaheen Administrative Assistant to the Director of Teaching & Learning 330-689-5445 Email
Nicole Polster Psychologist 330-689-5284 Email
Chantel Covino Intervention Specialist 330-689-5470 Email
Dara Law Cafeteria Manager 330-689-5470 Email
Joanne Ostlund Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer 330-689-5445 Email
MaryKay Zgrabik-Misterka Special Services Supervisor 330-689-5445 Email
Jacob Powell Desktop Support Specialist 330-689-5445 Email
Babette Fankhauser Grade 1 330-689-5470 Email
Jeanne Neel Receptionist/Registration Clerk 330-689-5445 Email
Franca Padula Assistant to the Superintendent 330-689-5445 Email
Gia Shannon Speech 330-689-5470 Email
Caitlyn Burton Bus Driver/Noontime Assistant 330-689-5234 Email
Carly Marcelli Title 1 330-689-5470 Email
Mark Fritz Director of Operations 330-689-5445 Email
Traci Hricik Grade 4 330-689-5470 Email
Sallie Kilgore Grade 3 330-689-5470 Email
Breanna Tondi Physical Education 330-689-5470 Email
Catherine Roberts Special Services Secretary 330-689-5445 Email
Jean Crockett Educational Assistant 330-689-5470 Email
Jim Gotshall Bulldog Online Academy Director 330-689-5445 Email
Jennifer Maddox Academic Specialist 330-689-5470 Email
Valerie Raack Custodian 330-689-5470 Email
Happy Bengston Title I Coordinator 330-689-5445 Email
Alyssa Duncan Grade 2 330-689-5470 Email