330.689.5445 4350 Allen Road, Stow, Ohio 44224

Full Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Teaching Area Phone Extension Email
M.E. Hepler Fifth 330-689-5250 Email
Heidi Huminsky Third 330-689-5460 Email
Andrea Justice Grade 3 330-689-5470 Email
Jessica Knepp Fifth 330-689-5250 Email
Jeanette Ladner Kindergarten 330-689-5470 Email
Deborah Long Educational Assistant 330-689-5320 Email
Nancy Marquette Academic Specialist 330-689-5330 Email
Jennifer McGovern Third 330-689-5330 Email
Alison Laser Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288 Email
John Reyes Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288 Email
Diane Shaheen Administrative Assistant to the Director of Teaching & Learning 330-689-5429 Email
Breanna Tondi Physical Education 330-689-5470 Email
Barbara Wittenberg First 330-689-5460 Email
Jeanie Blackwell Third 330-689-5310 Email
Brenda Patterson Payroll Specialist 330-689-5445 Email
Leslie Haynam Media Specialist 330-689-5288 Email
Sara Lumley Special Education Assistant 330-689-5450 Email
Dana Barna Third 330-689-5320 Email
Chantel Covino Intervention Specialist 330-689-5470 Email
Sue Denholm Secretary 330-689-5250 Email
Jennifer Dudley First 330-689-5330 Email
Angie Farneth Asst. Principal 330-689-5250 Email
Jim Gotshall Bulldog Online Academy Director 330-689-5445 Email
Suhair Kahook Third 330-689-5450 Email
Jeffrey Ladner Language Arts 330-689-5288 Email
Kurt Long Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288 Email
Danielle Marshall Grade 2 330-689-5470 Email
Charla Moraghan First 330-689-5320 Email
Pam Myers Title I Tutor 330-689-5288 Email
Julie Obraza Director of Teaching and Learning 330-689-5445 Email
Lauren Reynolds Grade 2 330-689-5470 Email
Laura Swinsburg School Counselor 330-689-5460 Email
Katie Eckart Kindergarten 330-689-5310 Email
Geoff Cox Phys Ed 330-689-5250 Email
Shawn Denton Monitor 330-689-5288 Email
Silvia Duecker Guidance Secretary 330-689-5288 Email
Chet Feldman Health/Phys Ed 330-686-5288 Email
Jen Fulton Science 330-689-5288 Email
Margaret Gravier Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288 Email
Matt Hereda Sixth 330-689-5250 Email